At CRS is always looking to expand our team of qualified and hard working people.
We are a fast growing company with continually expanding job opetunities.
We reward hard work and quality at every turn, and strive to maintain a fun but professional workplace.

We have a diverse range of positions varying from creative positions, technology positions, and sales positions.
We offer a wide range of services to our clients and as our client base grows so does our need for qualified people to help support it.

If you are interested in joining the CRS / WebWorks team, please fill out the form below, and we will review your application.

List of Positions and Requirements
Join Our Ever Growing Sales Force

Minimum Requirements:
Basic general computer knowledge
Ability to learn technology terms and functionality
Clear speaking voice and friendly demeanor
Verbal and written English skills
Use of MS Word, Excel and Outlook

Preferred Requirements:
Good general computer knowledge and skills
Basic web and computer technology knowledge
Prior sales experience
Bi-lingual or multilingual
Good math skills
Use of full MS Office Squite
Good personal appearance and demeanor

Job Description:
Sales reps are trained on basic web and technology knowledge and focus on getting new clients and sell to existing clients CRS or WebWorks’ products. Each sales rep will maintain a personal relationship with their clients and will be responsible to ensure client satisfaction at all times. The sales rep will be paid commission on all gross sales they obtain including new contracts, upgrades, template s ales, graphic sales and service hours and packages. The goal of the sales rep is to obtain new clients and generate new business with a minimum expected attainment of $6000 in gross sales per month. They will be responsible to ensure quality and customer satisfaction for any package or work the client requests.

Starting Compensation:
$16,000 per year base +
$7,200 minimum commission per year +
$12,000 – $50,000 additional commission per year +
Bonuses and Incentives

Average Yearly Income: $30,000 – $80,0000+

Join Our Team of Web Developers

Minimum Requirements:
Comprehensive knowledge of HTML and CSS
Basic knowledge of Javascript
Experience coding and developing websites
Ability to work in a team environment

Preferred Requirements:
Extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS
Knowledge of Java, Javascript and Actionscript
Comprehensive knowledge coding in PHP and SQL
Experience working with database platforms
Extensive web development portfolio
Experience developing e-Commerce and Social
networking sites and platforms.

Job Description:
Web developer will complete and facilitate with web projects.

Will work closely with sales to ensure customer satisfaction. Will complete projects in a tmely manner maintaining quality and productivity. Will work on projects in all supported web platforms. Will develop in-house code for CRS and WebWorks internal sites and platforms. Will provide information regarding functionality to sales teams.

Will work closely with graphic design team to ensure quality product development.

Starting Compensation:
$50,000 per year base + bonuses

Join Our Professional Graphic Design Team

Minimum Requirements:
Experience using Photoshop
Experience designing graphic layouts and templates
Experience designing logos and graphic objects
Ability to work in a team environment

Preferred Requirements:
Experience using Photoshop to develop web layouts
Experience creating professional logos and banners
Experience creating business cards, flyers, etc…
Experience creating web sites
Experience developing fonts and brushes
Experience with marketing and branding
Experience using Flash

Job Description:
Graphic designer will create website mockups website graphic templates, create marketing material and other needed graphic work.

Will create logos, business cards, and other graphic material such as flyers, banners etc.

Will work on graphic revisions and create graphics for marketing, SEO and other digital media.

Will create Flash animations, 3D modeling, custom fonts, and brushes.

Will help create and enhance the graphic image for the company and its affiliates.

Starting Compensation:
$34,000 per year base + bonuses

Join Our Select Team of IT Professionals

Minimum Requirements:
and repairing, personal computers, workstations,
servers, networks of up to 10 users.
Experience working onsite on networks, servers,
Exchange, IIS, printers, Office prodcts, and other.

Preferred Requirements:
Over 5 years experience working on site servicing
and installing networks of at least 10 users.
Experience with the following:
Exchange, Office products, printers, custom software
VPN’s and Terminal Servers, Apple products, etc…
Must be able to handle all IT related issues
Must be personable and likeable.

Job Description:
Service technician will be an independent sub contractor that will take on service calls on an hourly basis getting a percentage of the billable service hours.

Service will be performed onsite at clients location and in-house remotely assisting clients. Service technicians also need to act as onsite sales reps to sell more hours and equipment to client. Must be personable and professional. Service technicians are the representatives of the company and must conduct themselves accordingly.

Must be able to handle all IT related issues and ensure customer satisfaction at every turn.

Starting Compensation:
$12 – $40 per hour + sales commissions.

Average Yearly Income: $50,000 – $80,000

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