CRS utilizes its many resources and experience to invest in many ventures that we think have potential. We have spent years developing industry connections, business and marketing strategies, and developing websites, software and phone apps.

Great ideas can come from anywhere, and not everyone that has a great idea has the resources to make it happen. You can’t succeed if you don’t try, we want to give you the tools you need in order to give your idea the best possible chance of success. We are open to invest, assist in development or otherwise be involved in any idea that we think has good potential. If you have an idea that you truly believe in, submit your concept for review below, and we will let you know what we can do to help make your idea come to life.

The Next Best Website

Have a Great Idea for a Website?
Do you have an idea for a website that will attract a lot of traffic, or will offer a paid service that will get many users to sign up for? If you do but simply don’t have the means to actually create this website then shoot us over your idea, if we think your website has potential we can arrange a development deal at no cost to you.

The Next Best Mobile Phone App

Have an idea for the next must have app?
Mobile apps are an ever growing market, and users are using more mobile apps than ever before. If you have an idea for a great app that many mobile users can benefit from, but don’t have any way of creating the app or marketing it, then just shoot us your idea and we can work out a way to develop your app and place it in the app market.

Great product but need shopping site

Have a great product for online presence?
Do you have a great product or know a company that makes a great product but doesn’t have a good eCommerce site or traffic to sell their product online? Many companies don’t feel comfortable spending money on shopping sites due to their competitive nature. If we feel your product can sell, we will develop the site for you and market it to open a whole new market for it.

Great idea for must have software

Have a great new software idea?
If you have an idea for a piece of software that is geared towards a certain industry, or will appeal to consumers but have no way of developing it, let us know what it is and if we agree we will help create your software and market it.

Try and get your idea registered.
A provisional patent is much more cost effective than a standard patent and is integral in protecting your idea. If you cannot afford a provisional patent, make sure whomever you present your idea to first signs an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Submit the Concept Review Form
Submit the concept review form below with as much detail as you like. CRS will automatically sign an NDA with the form submission (it will appear on the screen), so your ideas are safe with us. If you also have a provisional patent then your idea is even more secure.

We will Contact you for a Meeting
Our investment team will review your concept and if it seems viable we will contact you to arrange a meeting at CRS’ main office. We will go through your idea in detail and discuss what we can do to help based on what help you would like from us, whether its simply a monetary investment, or developing a project together. We will contact you either way.

Submit Concept For Review

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