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Our Template Websites are a great way for New Businesses to get started and Existing ones to improve on the web!


Template Website Professional site in 5 Easy Steps

Get a professional low cost Website that You Own!
No Monthly Fees
Professional Look
Premium Quality!
Choose Between a Basic or Premium Template
Choose the Category Your Business is in
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What is a template website?

*Our goal is to get your website up and running within 24 hours of purchase.
This timeframe is not a guarantee of any sort, many factors can cause delays such as delays in communication or receipt of necessary content from client

(Great for Small or Starter Business)
Starting At:
$149.00 FLAT

(Great for Professionals and Mid-Large Grade Business)
Starting At:
$249.00 FLAT

Premium Template Sites come with more graphic detail, more functionality, advanced features, and more…

A template website is a website built around a premade professional quality structure which includes the layout of where items such as menus, text, images, etc… are located on the web pages. It includes the colors used (color scheme), the way the colors may change when a user interacts with the site, the effects it may have and the type and number of pages the site consists of.

The content (images and text) are completely customizable. We will use the images you provide and the text you have that describes your website. Our template will show you what images you can change and what images you cannot change.

The overall look and feel of the site is based on the template you choose, so choose the template that looks the way you want your website to look.