About Us

From Origin to Growth

How We Became a

Solution Provider.

Humble Beginnings to Full-Fledged Consulting.

Where We Started

CRS = Computer Repair Service

CRS started in 2002 as Computer Repair Service, a basic home and small business computer service and support company.

Back when computers where still runing Windows 98, we started by helping users with their computer issues. From basic data recovery and virus removal, through the next 5 years, we grew our small team of 2 into a 10 person support workshop. Our Microsoft certified techicians expanded our service areas, and from basic workgroups, we have expanded to installing and suporting large networks. We set up server environments of all kinds, and designed netwrok infrasctructures to support the growing needs of our clients.

In 2007 Computer Repair Service rebranded and simply CRS Consulting, and our venture into providing fully rounded solutions for our clients began.

How We Grew

We always strive for the best for our clients.

As CRS grew, we sought out the best technologies out there in order to provide the optimal solutions for our clients.

There are countless sources of technology out there, and the world of technology is growing and expanding every day. We spent the required time testing and comparing solutions for each aspect of daily technological neds, in order to determine the optimal solution for each clients needs. We cross-tested email solutions, network monitoring assets, and noted any downsides and benefits each solution we implemented had. We keep a detailed account of every existing and new solution available and always strive for the best possible solution in our arsenal, that we can offer.

By providing a wide range of carefuly tested and picked out solutions for any situation, we can succesfully consult our clients and guide them to the best solution available for their specific needs. Our goal is to take the guess-work out of deciding on a solution from the sea of available possiibilities, and providing a solid recommendation based on testing and real implementation experience.

Expanding Our Solutions

Going beyond IT, to provide a fully-rounded solution.

In 2007 CRS Consulting expanded it’s capabilities and dove into providing high quality but cost efficient websites and we based solutions.

Technology shifted around 2007 with a more geared focus on web based platforms and solutions. CRS Consulting quickly expanded to offer quality websites and web based solutions for our clients. By providing custom web solutions, we can develop and create a solution for any need our clients have, without having to rely on pre-existing platforms. As our consulting became more tailored and customized to the needs of each of our clients. We found that existing solutions either lacked certain capabilities our clients needed, or they were simply not cost efficient enough for our clients needs. In order to mitigate this issue, we brought on board highly qualified developers, and added the ability to design and develop custom solutions, websites, and other web based elements.

Our team can program in any language and develop and implement a solution for any platform and requirement.

Full Range Consulting

Maximizing ROI and providing the most efficient solution.

Now that we can provide a solution for any requirement, we have a full range of options to pick from in order to choose the best options for each client’s needs.

Whether it’s an existing solution, a customizable solution, or something we create from scratch to fill a specific need, we now have the capability to architect the optimal solution for every situation. Where most consulting firms are limited to existing solutions, CRS can supplement or enhance any existing solution or even create one from the ground up, specifically for each and every need our clients have. We always compare existing solutions to customized ones, and recommend what is most cost efficient and what will provide our clients the optimal return on their investment. We research new technologies every day and scour new platforms to identify the best solutions available.

We don’t want to re-invent the wheel if we don’t have to, but if we do, we have the ability to re-invent it to meet specific goals. We leverage the full capabilities of technology today in order to provide a complete full-range solution, maximizing ROI and providing the best asset for each specific need.

Where We Are Today

From Computer Repair to Global Consulting.

Over the last 18 years, CRS Consulting has grown to provide high quality and efficient solutions for large and global businesses of all kinds.

By leveraging our full-range of solutions and offerings, we are now able to consult large scale businesses and implement optimal solutions which provide our clients with a solution to fill and even surpass their needs and expecations.

From national museums, large firms, and global manufacturing, CRS Consulting provides and manages solutions for each companies’ specific needs.

We are stil setting our goals higher each year, and striving to find the best solutions out there, and develop more and more custom solutions to add to our arsenal of offerings. From custom SAP implementations, to back-end company portals, high efficiency anti-malware and security platforms and more. CRS Consulting leverages the best of technology to architect, implement and support the best possible solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.