The Key to:

NOT overpaying
GETTING exactly what you need
CUTTING inefficiency

Don't Let Your Business Free-Fall!

Is Your Business Working at it's Best?

So How Does This All Translate
To My Business

How efficiently is your business running?

Do you still do things the long and hard way and not know it?

You'd be surprised to find out that most businesses are like that. There is a world of technology and solutions out there that can help improve your working environment and provide a much more efficient workflow to maximize your business's potential.

Change can always be a difficult concern for any business.

Do you still do things the long and hard way and not know it?

We ensure any change is done seamlessly so as not to interfere with your workflow and production. We provide tutorials, documentation and 24/7 support, to ensure you and your team can comfortably adapt to changes in your work environment. Our roll-out process is staggered to optimize minimal downtime and ensure an easy adjustment.

Are you paying much more for much less?

Are you using the best solutions for your business needs?

There is a world of technology solutions out there for everything your business needs. It can be difficult to decide on what solutions to implement. At CRS our main goal is to test out new solutions as they come out and ensure we are recommending the best solution for each client and their specific needs. We want to ensure you are paying only for what you need and you are getting the maximum ROI on each solution.

Is your business set up to avoid costly downtime and prevent user error?

Downtime can end up costing much more than you anticipate. If a critical service such as email, data, or Internet access goes down, it can leave your employees sitting around unable to work. 1 hour of downtime can end up costing you much more than the cost of implementing redundancy. We can help ensure 99.9% up-time and provide a solution to ensure no "bad data" is entered into your system.

Here are the 4 Common Pitfalls Effecting Your Businesses

Wasting Money with Inefficiency

Bad tech is costing you more 
than you think

Mistakes and Errors Can

How much money do you 
waste on mistakes

Boats That Don't Rock, Sink!

Fear of change can cause your
business to sink

Are You Maximizing Your Employees' Time?

Get more results in the day
by optimizing workflow

What's in Our Toolbox

We utilize a wide range of tools & services to create a customized solution

We create cross-bridge solutions by combining
key elements from these tools & services:

Web Design & Development

We design and develop websites of all types, from basic Wordpress websites, to eCommerce, to large scale global websites with complex backend engines.

We design and develop in all kinds of scripting languages and utilize solid foundation technology such as AWS, React, Drupal and much more.

Our experienced consultants will guide you through building the perfect website for your business.

IT Networking and Helpdesk

CRS Consulting offers fully managed IT and Helpdesk solutions for businesses.

We service small 5-10 user businesses to large global corporations and everything in between. We set up Microsoft A/D and Apple networks, servers, racks, wiring and more.

We set up and support your users to ensure a problem free, fast and efficient work environment designed to meet your requirements and specifications.

SEO, Social Media &
Online Marketing

A website doesn't yield much if no one sees it. We offer extensive online marketing for Google optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Ad Words, and more to get your ideal target customer to your website.

We perform all marketing with Analytics and analyzed lead conversion to take the guesswork out.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications are the future, and one great idea can really make a big difference.

Be ahead of the competition with low-cost custom built mobile applications.

We can make any type of mobile app you have in mind, either to enhance your business or just a great idea.

Graphic Design & Branding

Every company starts with it's brand. This is what sets you apart and what your customers will recognize first.

Establish your professional entity with a custom designed Logo, Business Card and more. Our expert designers will help you ink your vision and give you the brand look you need.

Security and Backup Solutions

Today's data driven world is a volatile environment. We have seen many businesses collapse overnight due to hackers, ransomware, viruses and more.

Don't think it can't happen to you too. Secure your business from Top-to-Bottom with backups, security and all the tools and resources you need most in case of a data breach.


Hosted Exchange Cloud Email

Secure, fast and easily accessible anywhere. Get the power of Microsoft Exchange without the hassle of maintaining your own server.

Hosted Exchange offers Top-Level professional business class email at a low price.

100% Synchronizations of emails, contacts, calendars and more across all your devices.

Custom Applications

As your business grows, you will need specialized software to manage and streamline your business.

Finding software that will fit your exact requirements may prove impossible. Don't let what's out there limit you. CRS Consulting develops custom-tailored applications to meet your exact needs. Web, Mobile and Multi-Platform driven.

Baseline Merchant Solutions

Accepting Credit Cards is common mainstay today, whether it's your eCommerce site, or simply accepting payments from clients.

Most merchants take a large percentage of each transaction. CRS isn't a merchant provider, so we can offer our Merchant services to our clients at OUR COST. We just want to get you the best possible rates.

We follow our tried-and-tested 3 step process

This process is part of our 100% FREE, NO OBLIGATION Consultation.

What Technology
Are You Currently
What Technology
Are You Currently

The First step is a site-survey evaluation of your business technology utilization.

Typically we will evaluate
the following elements:

  • What email system are you currently using
  • What servers are you using and how is your network set up
  • What website / web services are you using and are they creating a benefit to your business
  • What kind of security do you have in place and how strict are your security requirements
  • What other technologies are you currently utilizing
How Does Your
Business Operate &
What Can Improve?

The Second step is to understand the details and problem areas of your business operation.

Here are the elements we evaluate during this discussion:

  • Are you getting the most out of the money you spend on technology
  • Where are the lags and inefficiencies in your daily operation
  • Are you maximizing yield in client acquisition and retention
  • Do you have any "dream" solutions you wish you had / existed
  • Is your operation and data secure and what fail-safes do you have
Can Technology
Save You Money &
Increase Output
Can Technology
Save You Money &
Increase Output

The Third step is to determine if we can leverage technology to get you an ROI

Our consultants will put together
a proposal that will:

  • Can we leverage technology to save you money
  • How long will it take to see those savings in action
  • Can we increase productivity and enhance security
  • Can we eliminate problem areas and create "dream" solutions
  • And if we can't, then we would congratulate you & list you as one of our "Impeccable-Tech" businesses

We work with over 100+ local to global companies to help their ROI groW!

So How Do We:

Save You Money, Help Prevent Errors, Keep You Up-To-Date and Maximize Your Output?

We utilize our wide range of tools and services to put together an optimization package
tailored specifically to optimize how your business operates

Our consultants have over 10 years of experience helping businesses in all types of industries, from local family-owned shops to large global enterprises.

We are looking to work with companies long-term. Most of our clients have been with us for over 10 years! We are looking to make your business run better and eliminate problem areas in order to SAVE YOU MONEY and help you PRODUCE BETTER RESULTS

If we can't provide you with a solid ROI and actually HELP your business, then we are setting ourselves up to fail and lose you as a customer.

           That is not what we are in business to do, and would rather politely decline working with you than do a bad job that isn't benefiting your business first and foremost.

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